Posted by Cian on Feb 15, 2017 10:42:50 AM

I saw a post from our friend Andrew (Ross Intelligence) where he was finally flying back home after travelling all over the world with his business.

I laughed when he said, "I wonder if my bed will recognize me."

For what it's worth, Andrew, Beagle Inc. can relate. Sometimes, work takes us away from the things that are familiar for longer than we intended.

They say it's lonely at the top but it's even lonelier at the bottom and so we push ourselves forward to accomplish great things. The idea is to help our families, assist people in solving their problems and change the way people view their data.

News and technology is spinning and transforming quicker than it ever has.


With recent world eventsNeil Gaiman has been quoted a lot as saying, "These are dark times. But that's OK." He suggested that artists do what they do best to get through it all and create an impact. It reminds us at Beagle to do what we do best when times feel especially tough. Freeing up a lawyer's time by assisting with contract analysis or coming up with a system for a large corporation to navigate through their corporate compliance issues may not seem like Superman wearing a cape, but it's desperately needed and it is what we do best.

These are absolutely dark times and you  know what? It is OK. The world needs deep thinkers like Andrew to help people navigate this complex data. 

In your business, you may be feeling like the noise of the hurricanes around you is making it difficult to concentrate. These crazy weather systems should be propelling you to focus on what you do best. We don't need more noise, we require more solutions.

Here are a few things to remember:

1. Family first:

When you look through history, many men and women had to go away from their families for extended periods of time to work. This may be a reality. However, if you have set family time aside for Friday pizza night or your child's dance recital, you need to unplug and be in that moment. It should have your full attention just like any other meeting in your life.

2. Choose the Internet wisely:

Headlines and photos are designed to attract you, but you have to ask yourself, "Is this making me laugh, feel better, improving my life or making me a better person?" Isn't it wonderful that you are in control of WHAT you can turn on or shut off?

3. Treat your body and mind like a temple:

While it has become increasingly difficult to find healthy food when you are intensely traveling, many coffee shops, stores and diners still carry fruit and juices.  You just have to hunt for them.
With your mind, it is best to find inspiring mentors in your field instead of staying in the echo chamber.

In the down time, find motivating videos, play inspirational music and laugh a lot!

4. Surround yourself with good people:

When Andrew said he wondered if his bed would recognize him, sometimes we feel like nothing around us is familiar. Taking time to identify the truly loyal friends who have been there along the way and communicating with them often, keeps you grounded and encouraged from an honest source who genuinely cares about you.

5. Never forget "why":

Why are you on this endeavor? Money? Fame? Proving something to yourself? Helping others? Providing for your family? Remembering to recalibrate on the "why" keeps us steering the ship in the right direction.

If you are feeling a little lost at sea and you think your family or your bed won't recognize you, just remember to enjoy it when you are reunited. Family and home should always feel like a safe place. 

I hope you will choose to be a light in the dark times Neil describes. You may not feel like a superhero, but if enough of us choose to concentrate on what we do best, we will save the world.

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To your success... 



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Cian is a seasoned contract negotiator, Fellow of Stanford Law's CodeX, and the Top Dog and Founder of Beagle Inc. Beagle Inc. uses artificial intelligence to read contracts automatically, and provides a feature rich review tool set.