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To_Bid_or_Not_to_Bid-2.png"People just naturally assume that dogs would be incapable of working on some sort of construction project. But what about just a big field full of holes?” ~Jack Handey

If you have been around long enough to see the CN Tower go up, you probably stood in awe at how the human collective can come together. Structures like these may have inspired you to get into the construction industry.

CNTowerBluePrints.png Back in the early 1970s, it was much easier to quickly navigate through the contracts to determine that a $63 million project was worth the cost to bid on.

In 2016, navigating through increasingly complicated contracts when decisions need to be made quickly seems to be as much effort as the building itself!  All of those supplemental terms, massive spec documents and complicating bidding processes have turned something that should be clear, into a fog of economic war. 

Obviously, if the job is bringing your construction company a lot of cash you don't mind doing the work. It just sucks when you spend all that time overloaded in paperwork only to determine that you don't even want the job. Wasting time and effort to say NO.... Argggh..  that is frustrating.

There are many organizations who are dedicated to help improve how construction industry businesses operate, including how they look at bid assessments. Organizations like OGCA, COCA, & HHCA , and companies like Melloul and SG Cunningham are already using technology-assisted tools to improve their workflow and decision-making abilities.  


Martha from the GVCA in Cambridge, Ontario is a forerunner who is breaking ground by streamlining her organization's process:

"Beagle is a great tool for sifting through contract documents to find that one clause that could have a huge impact on your profitability and your ability to perform the work.  Beagle quickly helps you identify your tolerance, and takes you directly to the statement so you can decide if the risk and reward are worth signing for. Adding technology to your process will save you hours of work. 
GVCA is using Beagle to sniff out clauses in the tender documents for our members so they can make the decision to bid or not to bid.  Great addition to our services to members

To bid or not to bid, that is the question that she nailed. Martha not only values her time and money but is considerate of all her GVCA members. 

Beagle is an invaluable tool that greatly reduces the time it takes to assess a job, to decide if to bid or not and to understand your contracts better.

Take Beagle for a walk today. 


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Cian is a seasoned contract negotiator, Fellow of Stanford Law's CodeX, and the Top Dog and Founder of Beagle Inc. Beagle Inc. uses artificial intelligence to read contracts automatically, and provides a feature rich review tool set.