The Startup Journey

Posted by Iulius on Jun 19, 2015 1:00:00 PM

IMG_0777The Micosoft Ventures startup accelerator. It's a journey, but you don't start from scratch. We all came here with well defined goals and plans on how to achieve them. And that's by design, since it's an admission criteria. We are not here to be taught how to do the job, we're here to prove we deserve to have a faster growth and that external help would be well invested in us.

The journey also will not end when the accelerator program finished, we'll go back out there, more prepared than before with whole new goals in sight, more clients on board, maybe even a larger team.

We are now past the middle of the program and things have been great so far: got our core team together in the same office, got access to a lot of resources from Microsoft, got to meet and collaborate with several other startups, some very similar to us, some more mature. As the development team got together and we all switched to full time (before we all had additional jobs or school), the productivity really rocketed. We could now start on features that were so hard to do before because they required heavy collaboration and our team was scattered around the world on 3-4 different time-zones.

Beside our own evolution, here we have the luxury of learning from others' wins and fails and not make the same mistakes. It's very useful to see the decisions and strategies of an other company that's just a few steps ahead of you. To see the things that bother them now and don't seem that important to you just yet. Although you may not end up making the same decisions when the time comes, you at least know one likely outcome. It's like a business crystal ball, but what you see is not written in stone for you.


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Iulius Curt is a Sr. Backend Developer at Beagle. He has a MSc in Artificial Intelligence and is an expert in machine learning and natural language processing.