Posted by Cian on Dec 6, 2016 11:00:00 AM

Naturopath, Dr. Salik says we really need to limit our sugar intake throughout the holiday season as it "dramatically affects the immune system for hours after consumption." 

Eating more fruit and making healthy substitutions, taking probiotics, sleeping more, consuming less alcohol, skipping coffee, cutting your portions in half, having an exercise schedule, drinking more water are all ...AAAAAAAAH!

These are ideas that seem to make a lot of sense around the time of the holidays, but they also seem like a big bummer at such a festive time of year! They can induce a lot of guilt.


While taking care of our body is really important, there doesn't seem to be enough emphasis on taking care of our brain during the season.

Many people struggle with trying to wrap up their work and family schedules in December. The season isn't necessarily festive for those who have suffered immeasurable loss. The pressure of coming up with money for gifts when you have none can cause guilt and shame. Trying to devote enough time to each family member and personal friends can seem like a chore more than a delight.

This season can feel like the plague to those who have less and one more chore on the giant to-do list for those who feel overwhelmed.

If you are one of those people, it may be better to concentrate less on your sugar intake and more on developing 'holiday perspective'.

1. There is always someone less fortunate than you.

This has probably been drilled in your brain your whole life. However, it is a necessary reminder when complaining overrides reason.

2. People are more important than things.

This should go without saying, right? You may think your mother wants the table to look perfect, but there is a good chance she is more excited about her family sitting around it.

3. Thoughtfulness is better than overcompensating.

In giving, they say "it's the thought that counts". You can give more by hugging, listening and playing on the floor with children...and on that note:

4. Kids value relationships over toys.

Your child may have a list that is a mile long, but you will never see a more sour face then when you send a child off to play with their new toy by themselves. They long for a relationship with you.

5. Leave the hot topics at the door.

The purpose of getting together at Christmas is to enjoy each other, not create political or religious divisiveness.

Having a good holiday perspective means that we can keep the reins on the holiday brain.

Getting together should never be taken for granted and you can use it as an opportunity with family, employees and coworkers to show what peace really means at this time of year.

While you are busy giving, eating and drinking, don't forget to feed your brain well. You will go into the new year feeling extraordinarily rejuvenated and ready to tackle great things in your business and family.


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