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This Fall, the world seems to have differing opinions on who makes a good leader. Leaders are often judged by something memorable or charismatic about their personality, facial expressions or even their voice. A good leader seems to be depicted well in a political cartoon. They may be somebody you can easily poke fun at. Some of you may think of a Dictator, Prime Minister or President. Maybe some of you blur those lines. ;)

The truth is that anyone can lead. That is to say, anyone has the potential to set an example or convince someone else to go their way.

It isn’t hard to find successful leaders. Jeff Bezos is the CEO at Amazon and is No. 1 on Fortune’s World’s Greatest Leaders list.
Brian Krzanich, CEO of Intel was listed as a top leader by fastcompany.com
There are also countless religious and political heads who have made a huge impact. 

A stereotypical leader leads the masses to their way of thinking. A lot of leadership has been based in control. It takes a very special leader to guide individuals to their true individual potential.


In my own childhood, when I think of a great leader, I find parents and teachers set a higher standard of leadership than the stereotypical leaders which have gone down in history.

I believe that a great leader inspires a person to think and teaches them how to think as opposed to telling them what to do. A great leader will provide a toolbox of ideas.

Gone are the days where the world shifts towards one person's idea. We are now creating an environment where the collection of ideas is infiltrating business. Leaders are rolling up their sleeves and working with the workers. If you have had the pleasure of sitting in a circle with many great leaders, you will understand why that is a healthier environment.

In your business, the exchange of ideas can be critical. You not only have a responsibility to lead a conversation properly but you should have permission to introduce enthusiasm into a group where everyone feels a sense of purpose towards a common goal.

It is this enthusiasm which needs to come back to the family, group and the masses. It isn't enough anymore for people to attain goals, we want to feel like we are serving a purpose. As lazy as some of us appear to be, it is not a common human trait to want laziness.


It is why we cheer on sports teams or envy entertainers.

Just because a quarterback has led their team to a Super Bowl or an entertainer has millions of fans at their concert, doesn't mean they have enthusiasm or a greater sense of purpose in their life and that is not to be envied.
It is very powerful when someone can take their celebrity status and combine it with great leadership like Obiageli Ezekwesili who is the former Minister of Education in Nigeria. The #BringBackOurGirls campaign is a perfect example of how you can create something that everyone wants to be a part of. 

We don’t have to have audacious goals to be great leaders, though. 
It is equally as important to mention the daycare worker or public school teacher who is teaching children how to think and providing them with a great toolbox.

Each of us has the power to have a purpose within our families, groups and workplaces.

Being a great leader starts with wanting to not only have a purpose but wanting the other team players to realize theirs as well.

 "Leaders don't create followers, they create more leaders." ~T. Peters



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