Posted by Cian on Jan 5, 2017 10:22:36 AM

Legal Tech and AI have both experienced a whirlwind year. It’s been fascinating to watch the perspectives from notable visionaries, academics, lawyers, journalists and tech bloggers alike! The cumulative effects of open-minded communication amongst these forward-thinking people are starting to bring tangible solutions to an industry which, was quite overdue for some serious modernization.

Richard Tromans from did a stellar job on rounding up the very best in Legal AI for 2016. We are proud to sit among UK-based RAVN Systems and fellow Ontario-based Kira Systems in this article which, you should definitely book-mark!

We now want to take this opportunity to thank you for your support in making 2016 a real break-through year for Beagle. Many of you have followed along consistently, reposted articles, shared Beagle with friends and co-workers and gave us valuable feedback which, our team of experts has used to make a better experience. Thank you so much!

If you haven’t had a chance to follow along, we thought we would give you a snapshot here of what happened in 2016:

* We announced our partnerships with the world's largest law firm, Dentons and world-renowned Australian commercial law firm Corrs Chamber Westgarth. Contrary to gossip, we are not replacing lawyers, Beagle is allowing them to service their clients better.

dentons corrs.jpg

* We received tech coverage from companies like ThinkApps and where they ranked Beagle amongst the best. 

* We were very proud to receive Canadian commentary from the CBC, The National Magazine and The Globe and Mail covering ground-breaking technology services in Ontario and how Beagle can assist so many industries.

* Beagle placed first at the Canadian Bar Association's Legal Pitch and we were in the top 3 out of 16,000 companies competing in New Orlean's SXSW Collision Conference start up competition. This really validates our technology which improves the decision-making process for businesses. 

cian pitch.jpg

* We received law article coverage from Artificial Lawyer, Above the Law and BetaKit which indicates the necessity for this kind of legal innovation and how Beagle can benefit BigLaw.

* It was great to be part of regional discussions and expert panel groups like Mitch Kowalski's 'Meetup' where using effective technologies like Beagle for business management is a key topic.

legal hackers2.jpg

* We were mentioned in the Harvard Business Review in their "Competitive landscape for machine intelligence" report and ABA Journal where they covered our Legal Pitch win alongside People's Choice winner, Loom Analytics.

It was super exciting to fly thousands of miles flying between Europe and Australia where we solidified our new division called Beagle Asia Pacific. What a great time for legal tech! 

We feel a bit like the Seattle grunge movement, where it isn’t just Beagle moving forward, it is an entire industry. We have been very fortunate to be in the Greater KW Chamber, Greater Toronto Area and certainly proud to be Canadian.


Here is to another exceptional year in 2017 meeting new friends and partners!
Happy Holidays to you and yours,
Cian and the Beagle Team

Topics: Machine Learning, Legaltech, AI


Cian is a seasoned contract negotiator, Fellow of Stanford Law's CodeX, and the Top Dog and Founder of Beagle Inc. Beagle Inc. uses artificial intelligence to read contracts automatically, and provides a feature rich review tool set.