A construction job gave Beagle its start

Posted by Sal Aziz on Oct 28, 2015 12:41:25 PM

As a professional involved in the construction industry, we know that you're busy. One of the tasks keeping you busy is bidding on jobs that inevitably have paperwork like contracts. We also know that dealing with contracts isn't your primary focus. You have other places to be, other things to do, and at the end of the day contracts are long and filled with so much legal jargon that it's often difficult to even understand them.

Contract analysis can cost you anywhere from $150 to $800 per hour, and that's a tough pill to swallow. Do you bid on jobs often that have a non-standard contract or terms in it? If you do, you know that you have to understand those unique terms, which can be expensive and frustrating. You have a few options to understand the terms of a contract:

  • You could spend your own time to read the whole document and try to understand it and find what you're looking for which can be very time consuming.
  • You could have your lawyer review the document which can be very expensive.
  • You could just bid on the job, and hope that if you win it you can figure out the issues later. That can work, and it is also very risky.

We have a better solution.

  • You just upload those bid terms to Beagle and have it automatically find who is responsible for what, what happens if things go south, and how to get out of the contract, within MINUTES.

Case study: Better Engineering’s CCDC 2 Amendment

Better Engineering Inc. is the building consultant for a job you are going after.  They throw this 40 page amendment to the industry standard contract (like a CCDC 2).  It's a $200k job and if you're lucky you'll make $20k on it. You're most likely not going to spend $6k on a lawyer to read the amendment before you bid on it. But here's the rub: you should know what’s in that big amendment so you aren't putting yourself at risk unknowingly.

Run the amendment through Beagle and understand the risks of the job almost instantly!

Beagle saves you time and money

Even if you only bid on a few jobs per year or you only handle a few sub-contractors, Beagle is perfect for you. Beagle brings you from 0 to 80% comprehension within minutes. That last 20% is done by yourself, or your lawyer by reading easy-to-understand graphs, and grouped together lists, all through an intuitive interface. You'll have an idea of what you're getting into before you sign or take the contract to your lawyer with your final questions or review.

And now that you've done the hind legwork with Beagle, if you use a lawyer, they can spend their time on the really meaningful parts of the contract. And the legal bill you get back will be less than what it would have been without Beagle; in fact many of our clients tell us that Beagle pays for itself after ONE job.

The beginnings of Beagle

Beagle got its start in construction. The very first contract that Beagle automatically analyzed was a non-standard contract proposal that would award the general contracting agreement for construction of a major office expansion.

Cian O'Sullivan, Top Dog and Founder at Beagle, was asked to give a contract a quick read by general contractor S.G. Cunningham. Cian being a good mate agreed knowing that there is no such thing as a quick review and that his weekend would most likely be ruined reviewing a 70 page contract. Cian knew there had to be a faster way to review the contract so he applied his technical programming experience and coded the very first version of Beagle.

Here's why Beagle was so helpful for Cian—and will be for you too— in that very first contract:

  • Information like responsibilities and liabilities were pulled out instantly, now Cian knew where to focus efforts (a massive time saver!)
  • S.G. Cunningham knew if they could handle the project and fulfill requirements, they'd bid on the job; they needed to understand the contractual requirements quickly without incurring huge legal costs at the bidding stage
  • Since Beagle was designed to sniff out references to other documents that may be contractually binding, Cian could quickly link to and find other documents without having to search for them manually

At the end of the day, Beagle saves you time. And like we said at the beginning of this post, we know that time is something you just don't have enough of. Let Beagle give you some back, try Beagle on your next job.

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