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You may be one of those people who wakes up at 4 am full of ideas and can't sleep before midnight. Some ideas obsessively grab a hold of us like that. Other ideas are just nice passing thoughts that don't come to fruition because they seem either impossible to actualize or our esteem has been blown to smithereens!


When you surround yourself with negative people and negative energy, it is easy to play the 'misery loves company' game and wallow in the muck. However, when you actively search for people of inspiration who have accomplished the seemingly impossible, you start to think it isn't so hard and you too can achieve outstanding feats.

Here is a good cross section of people who could have been accused of dreaming too big:

Michael Jordan
Being #4 of 5 children alone can make you feel like your star isn't going to shine very bright. However this Brooklyn-born, mega-star b-ball player not only dreamed so big that his net worth in Forbes last year placed him over 1 billion, but his Looney Tunes character afforded him the right to play with Bugs Bunny. It doesn't get any cooler than that. The thing to remember about him is he is still dreaming big. It doesn't stop at a big bank account. Children around the world still sing the song, "Be Like Mike" to stay inspired.

Kalpana Chawla
Kalpana was the first Indian-born woman & second Indian person to fly in space. She dared to dream big even as a child by drawing airplanes while other girls played with dolls. Her words from space have become legendary, "You are just your intelligence"This was clearly evident with her as they altered her birth records so she could begin school a year early. The greatest bravery for her came when she still went for her Masters and then her PhD in aerospace engineering in the face of the Challenger Disaster. There were no boundaries for this great woman!

Stephenie Meyer
Her former english teacher recalls her being "bright, but not overly so". Talk about a wishy-washy review. She had no experience as a writer (in fact, only had a receptionist job on her professional resume) before penning the Twilight book series which sold over 100 million copies for this stay-at-home mom. Stephen King said she, "can't write worth a dam." Negative feedback from a seasoned writer like King could make you want to crawl under a rock and never write again. Thankfully, she didn't listen to him.

Mark Cuban
At the age of 12, he sold garbage bags to pay for some expensive shoes. At 16, he ran his own newspaper when the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette went on strike. Thinking differently proved to work for this "shark" with a net worth of over 3 billion. Cuban's philanthropy includes helping military families and improving University basketball which is part of being responsible with your success. Higher dreaming helps you to help others realize their dreams too.

Walt Disney
It is unnecessary to cite all the influential movies from this man. However, take a look at his beginnings and you will see how his struggles didn't stop his dreams. Described as "painfully shy & self-deprecating" by playwright Robert E. Sherwood, Disney hid this personality behind his public identity. One of his first jobs was to draw the horse of a retired neighbourhood doctor. Most of his early concepts began with simple watercolors and crayons!

Your Name Here
These are just a handful of people who didn't let their environment or circumstance stop them from realizing their dreams. You may be struggling to find the time, the energy or the esteem to go after yours. There are no limits to what you can achieve if you work hard, stay persistent and surround yourself with the right kinds of like-minded people.

"If you want to attain something, remain focused." ~Kalpana Chawla


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